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Welcome to Lab Console by Guru Labs

Lab Console is a virtual lab environment that can be used to experiment with, clone, and share technology for prototyping, collaborative work, or education. It allows users to work and learn anywhere Internet access is available. For additional information, please contact Guru Labs.

What is Lab Console?

System Access

Lab Console systems can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • Individual machines or groups of machines can be accessed through an Access Key. These keys allow for limited access and are disseminated as part of a course or collaborative work session. Access Keys are entered from the “Connect!” tab.
  • Users affiliated with an organization need a username and password to access and manage Lab Console resources: machines, groups, and rooms. These can be obtained from your organization administrator or from Lab Console support. Login for organization users is available under the “_EmpoweringTechMastery” dropdown.
  • How do I access Lab Console?